Reviews from our users

I was knocked unconscious riding a local mountain biking trail recently. KeyProtect were automatically notified and summoned medical assistance for me immediately. Without this App, I could have been laid there for hours waiting for someone to come along.


As an athlete I run long routes, often alone. KeyProtect’s Journey feature lets my family know where I am, so they always know I’m safe.


With KeyProtect we’re able to protect our kids when they go out at night or on the weekends.

Andy & Lorraine

KeyProtect lets us keep an eye on our children when they walk to and from school. Being automatically notified when they leave and arrive gives us peace of mind.

Jessica & Steve

I often work alone and depend on KeyProtect to keep me safe. Being able to discreetly raise an alert means I’m able to get help when I need it the most.

JennaSales Representative

KeyProtect is the perfect solution for employee safety. KeyProtect’s professional response has kept everyone safe both on and off the job.

TonyHead of Security